What's Wrong With Me?!?

Somewhere between 30 degrees and buttarsefreezingcold* this AM and I'm out there running 3 miles of windsprints (what the instructor calls "Indian Sprints") and doing countless push-ups until my arms fall off.

Hate to say it, but I liked being out in the cold this morning. Had I not pinched the rear tube in my bike, I'd have put in another 20 miles on the froot loop for good measure. Now, I wasn't totally bundled up, but the cold necessitated I take measures. I was wearing a hoodie. But I took that off in the first half mile of the run.

Tomorrow should be warmer.

*H/T to Tam for enduring a Midwest winter. I've put in my share on the shores of Lake Michigan and know the true definition of cold. That being said, we, down here in Texas, consider cold to be cold when the weatherweenie says to cover your tomato plants.

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