Tomorrow morning is where all hell breaks loose. I start SEAL PT Boot Camp. I'm excited. I've been in the Body Camp program since February getting in shape for whichever police academy hires me first (*fingers crossed for HPD). I decided to do it after Swede offered to pay for my next six weeks of workout at the end of April. Better to keep motivated and exercising than sitting on my butt all day.

Instructor Walston will kick it off by kicking our butts. We get to experience everything the SEALS go through during BUD/S phase 1. Only less so. As I read somewhere on the site, we only experience about 20% of what SEALS go through during Hell Week. We do it for 10 days straight. I'm just doing it for the t-shirt and bragging rights really. I feel confident about my fitness level, and now just want to see if my mental game is as strong as I think it is.

I'll blog it daily to let you know what goes on. That is, if my arms don't fall off from the push ups.

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How's your application process going with HPD?