Catching Up

WOW! Been a while. Need to clear up a few things before we continue.

I'm still here, first of all. Don't worry, haven't shoved off for that non-extradition country just yet.

We'll start with most recent dealings first and work back.
  1. Windage and Swede are already in Sweden for a ten day holiday with the folks. Just linked up on Skype this morning (evening for them). Lil' bit handled the flight over like a pro. Swede was thankful for other passengers with lil' tots on the flight. That's one flight down, one more to go. I can breathe easier for now.
  2. Thursday last was Windage's first birthday. We were to celebrate over the 4th of July weekend, but she popped a 101.2 fever hours before the party. A cold brought on by teething has run its course through our household. Put me off my feed for the better part of the week. Swede is still a bit out of sorts, too.
  3. Got good news on Windage's birthday. Sort of an added bonus. Received a call from my HPD Background Investigator. It's official, the background investigation has commenced. Bad news, the next academy class is still listed as March 2010. I'm still praying for a government bailout.
  4. Still plugging away at dad's office as a part-time law clerk. Been fun for the most part. Only work four days a week and take care of Windage all day Friday. Got an interesting case they are working on, and it takes everyone to stay on top of it.
  5. Started the Lifers program with SEAL PT. Starts thirty minutes earlier in the AM, still an hour long, they run a bit farther and harder. Added bonus, they have a six week swim program. The downside is it is only one morning a week. I'd prefer two or three. We're broken into three groups; Rock, Fish, & Duck. Guess which category I fall into?
  6. Boot Camp was a huge success. I will detail a day-by-day post in a bit with photos. Not as bad as I thought or stressed about even though I'm told I didn't lose consciousness on Day 3, but was loopy as hell.
That's it in a nutshell. I now return you to your regular programming.

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Glad to see things are going well.

Can't wait to hear about the boot camp.