So, the first couple of weeks have passed in the Academy. So far, I'm doing well. About middle of the road for PT, but I knew that going in. Still can't do a pullup for shit, but neither can 75% of the class. We still have the 2 mile run to get through sometime in the next week, and then we'll know where we stand on PT evals.

The first test was last night. More like a minor quiz. Eighty questions later, and I was done. Pretty sure I aced it, but maybe missed one or two. Won't know until after tomorrow night's class. Two people out of 60 failed. They get one more makeup and have to score 80% or better to pass. Even if they get a perfect score, they only get 80% on the makeup. I don't see that I was 'on the bubble' with the majority who passed. We took the Nelson-Denny reading comp test on day 1 and I was the only one to finish first and to get the max possible score. On top of that, I've only missed about five questions total on all the reviews for each subject block until now. Cumulatively, I'm doing well. If anything, I can easily be selected for a squad leader position.

Speaking of...class elections for captain, lieutenant and sergeant are being held in the next week (squad leaders are selected based on PT evals among other factors). Everyone was polled on if they were running or not. I'm in the running for captain along with one other. I've been politicking since the middle of the first week. This guy up and decided yesterday to run. I'm staring down the barrel of a loaded gun here. He's black, I'm white. About 60% of the class is black. Already, I've seen the writing on the wall. It faded though, when he opened his mouth to speak. His promise to the class if elected: "I's be the one represn'n you, totally. All th' way, one hunnert p'cnt." That, and he claims leadership experience being in the military and in charge of some 'safety squad.' He wouldn't expound on his resume, and hasn't said a peep since class started.

The only other trouble spot in class elections is a Hispanic upstart whom I've dubbed "That Guy." You all know "That Guy." He's the loud and obnoxious one who is always mouthing off about how he doesn't need to be here, he's way better than everyone else, this is all bull shit, elect a brutha for the captain position, my brother is in law enforcement and I got's the job already. Yeah, "That Guy." TG is running for LT. If I had my way, he'd be running for the door. He is showing his true colors and it is getting noticed by the instructors and class.

This will be fun. Along with several others in class, I've been working hard to meet all the cadets, know their names and backgrounds. Press the flesh, if you will. I've heard a smattering of support for my efforts to be captain. We'll see how that turns out come election time. Just need to keep hacking away at it. Those of us really working to be officers know that it is a difficult position to maintain. Juggle that with PT, classes and jobs and families. Yeah, it will be tough. We've banded together in the hopes that we are elected to our desired positions. If not, we will continue to work behind the scenes to aid and assist our class officers and our classmates.

It is a tough job that I want.

The cadets don't have to like me for doing it, but I hope they respect me for it just the same.

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