They Call Me...

"Tater Salad!"

Great line by Ron White.

Anyway, class elections were held tonight. Sad to say, I didn't get captain. That went to our resident doppleganger of Baby Bush. Kid you not, this guy is the spitting image of our most recent Republican POTUS, George W. Bush. He looks, acts and sounds like him. Wouldn't be surprised if the Army asked him to be a stand in for the real thing from time-to-time.

We were nominated, allowed to speak our case for said position, and then four nominees were led out of the room for the voting. I didn't have the votes to carry the win.

So, someone else stands up for me to be class Lieutenant. This guy I never expected to nominate me at all. I have to say, he looks like "Semi" from the movie "Employee of the Month" with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpleton. So, Semi nominates me for the LT position. I shit my shorts, gather up my things and wait outside class again. Instructor points to me before I even sit down and says, "Shooter, you're it."

Okay. Not the position I wanted, but I am glad to take it.

Unfortunately, I had a brain fart and didn't nominate one guy who wanted the LT job. And, as hard as it was, I had to go against a promise to vote for another for class Sergeant. I chose age and work experience over his youth and desire. I confronted both right away and nipped any possible rumor/gossip before it could get started. They were both appreciative and glad I faced up to them when I explained myself. That will be the only time I do so as class Lieutenant.

Now the fun really begins. Monday is the first cadre meeting, inspection and chance for us to work out some class rules and punishments. Looking forward to the responsibility, and am glad for the chance to have a big feather in my cap come graduation and job-hunting time.

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