Here We Go Again...

Started background for the department to the Northwest of here. Just heard the news that one of my classmates from the academy was hired by them, so I'm hoping that bodes well for me.

Apps are out for three more agencies. One college campus PD in town and two others west of here between home and where "Walker" works.

Speaking of...still in a holding pattern with that department way out west of here. The guy that's leaving is in a holding pattern as far as his new PD is concerned. Don't know why, but suspect the usual municipal gov't. B.S. My weekly meets with Walker must be a strain on him as it is on me. I'm getting frustrated to hear about setback after setback, and he must be equally bummed having to tell me to wait a little more.

My fear is the recruiter over there will have forgotten about me and go on to the next application he sees in the stack. Here, I've been waiting since before October, and the wait seems interminable.

I ALMOST had a sure thing locked up last week. Not a matter of if they want to hire me, but WHEN I wanted to start. L-2 and L-3 from the academy would have sufficed, and the background only went back two years on employment. It was a little podunk muni PD with one other full time officer and 5 reserves. Full time guys work days and reserves work weekends and nights.

Come to find out that Walker knows these people and told me to run away....far far away from this PD if they offer the job. Seems they have TCLEOSE (state license agency for law enforcement) giving them the hairy eyeball regarding some shenanigans the mayor is pulling. Say no more. I'm not going to sacrifice my ethics and moral values for a job, no matter how promising.

Still keeping at it. I'll update when I know more.

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