When it rains...

It snows.

"Anxiously" awaiting Snowmageddon Houston 2011 here. Got a 40% chance of the flaky white stuff dusting my driveway. Sitting around the house in my ECWS gear. Kid you not. I'm all warm and fluffy awaiting ERCOT and Reliant to roll another blackout.

No shit situation...Driving back home from lifting with a bud. Turn down the drag to the house and am racing the lights to my street. "Why are you racing the streetlights, Shooter?" you ask. Good question. As I turn and head that way, signal lights start going out. As I approached each intersection, they would kick off. Some would go dark, and others would kick to flashing red. I managed to beat the blackout by ten minutes. Waited another thirty for the lights to come back on and screamed bloody murder when the lights and hot water heater went out ten minutes after that.

Dear ERCOT and Reliant Energy,

You suck, and I hate you.

Love and kisses


On another note. When it rains, it pours. Got emails from two universities in town. Both asked that I fill out personal history packets (long forms) and submit them. I test with both later this month. Now I have to go into work early and start making copies and ordering transcripts again. Ugh!

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