Today's the day I've been waiting for for nearly three years. Finally sworn in as a Texas Peace Officer.

I'm so giddy with delight and relief, you have no idea. There's still a few weeks of field training to do, but if the past couple of days in the office were any indication, I should have no problems. I've met with some of the command staff, chief, our office manager and a couple investigators. Great people with positive attitudes. I'm really looking forward to Monday. Even better, the campus (I'm a college cop) is right by the house. Several people have told me my new FTO is a real squared away and dialed in type. I should gain a lot of knowledge from him.

Now starts a new clock. I get to count down the days until I finish my field training. From there, I'll go solo on night patrol.

I'm just gonna sit here and bask in the moment...while wearing my sam brown, with my badge pinned to my t-shirt....eating doritos. Yeah, I'm a real party animal.

Stay safe, folks. I'll be watching.


Peter said...

A very sincere "Congratulations!" from me. You've worked long and hard to get to this point. May it be the beginning of a long, successful and rewarding career.

Ambulance Driver said...