It's been...

Three weeks since I started working for the new PD. Two as a commissioned Texas Peace Officer.

Some things I've learned:
  • I will be picking up gutter spanglish faster than I thought working in the barrio with a Hispanic FTO
  • Running in full battle rattle is a helluva lot harder than running in a weight vest. Try it and you'll see
  • Don't listen to the guy at the uniform store when he tells you that your jacket has to be larger than normal to fit over your vest and other gear. LIAR!
  • I don't even have to jack with anybody. Just driving around in a marked unit and watching people's reactions is enough enjoyment for a shift.
  • Getting eye-f**ked by the turd leaving the crack-house in my beat doesn't bother me. Him coming back for more crack does.
  • Working a protection detail for a D.C. diplo-creature is not harder than an 8 hour marketing event. Just ask my wife.
  • I may be tired outta my gourd, but this is the most fun I've had on the job in a long-arsed time!
I should also mention this...

While waiting for your custom fitted body armor to come in, don't borrow the largest size one that reeks of CK One cologne. Instead, go for the next size smaller that reeks of body odor. At least Lysol and Febreze will kill that funk. Two weeks in and I still come home smelling like Jersey Shore.

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