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Just weighed in this AM.  Found I am at 260lbs.  That's great!  I'm five pounds ahead of my goal.  The goal is to drop five pounds every month until December.  This will put me closer to 230lbs. by Christmas. 

It should be no problem to adjust the weight loss goals down for every pound I put myself ahead.  Wait!  Did that come out right?  Whatever.  Moving on. 

This is an easy goal.  I did not want to make a 7, 9, or 10 pound monthly goal.  I figured five was a nice easy number to shoot for.  You gotta take into account the hours I work, meal time and what I consume.  In the long run, I would not be surprised if I hit closer to 210 by end of year.  The diet should help. 

Sticking to Paleo is a full conscious effort.  I have to resist urges and sudden cravings for processed foods, snacks and sodas.  I'm down to one McD's soda a day, but still fall into the easy trap of swinging through the drive thru lane for a refill. 

Today, I went into a grocery store to get breakfast.  McD's was across the street.  Grabbed a mixed fruit container and a healthy snack for later.  The healthy snack had sugar in it, but it beat the processed, drive thru alternative.  I even saved money.  I know that those snacks will keep a few days.  Just something handy to keep in the vehicle for fighting urges.

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