Crossfit has helped me gain a little more peace and harmony in my life.  I guess it comes from the large amount of stress and chaos the workout entails.  It's a ball's out effort against a timer.  There's a sort of martial zen to the whole process.  I tend not to think of anything at all except the weight on the bar, or how many rounds I've completed.  I work on perfecting my form, or getting another double under, or an unassisted pull up.  I get done with the WOD and I'm all used up.  Nothing left. 

My demeanor has changed.  I'm more relaxed.  Charged with energy and higher self-esteem.  Right now, I'm so new to Crossfit that I soak up all there is to know about it.  I'm full of questions, thirsting for knowledge. 

Crossfit has made me rethink my goals for the year.  I pay more attention to them and have been working towards them eagerly this past month.  Not just the physical, but work goals, personal and family, too.

Here's what I want by December:
  • Lose weight.  I'm 265# today.  The goal is to lose a minimum of 5 pounds every month until December.  I should be at or below 235# by Christmas.  This will be achieved through diet and exercise.  We all know the exercise.  Starting next month, I plan to ramp that up with my coach's help.  I'm trying the Paleo diet now.  Meat, veggies, fruit.  No dairy, grains or processed food.  I don't know if I can be a strict Paleo eater.  There will be a small bit of processed foods, and some dairy.  Hey!  I'm Italian.  Gotta have some pasta and pizza from time to time.  This also means cutting out drive thru (which I have been very good at this month) and sodas.  I'm down to one large soda a day.  Should be eliminated by August.  
  • Develop Skills.  Crossfit has a lot of different skills to learn.  I'm familiar with all of them, but a master of none.  I can get the occasional double under with a jump rope.  I can even kip a pull up without using a band.  Rope climb is gonna take a little more practice, but I'll get there.  First thing's first!  I will master double unders.  Next is pullups.  Those are two skills most used in the box.  
  • Increase max weights on Oly lifts.  This will come with time obviously.  I know my benchmarks.  Ideally, I want body weight on ALL lifts by December.  My goal is higher.  I want 300+ lbs. on squats, deadlift (already there!), and bench press.  I will continue steady progress on all others.  
  • Police Work.  I will have completed all online training for my TCLEOSE Intermediate Certification.  That leaves all class work and time in service left.  I will also take advantage of all in-service training offered.  
  • Financial.  Reduce my debt to zero (less mortgage).  Build a savings 'rainy day' fund.  Discipline myself to avoid unnecessary spending and waste.  Use extra jobs to build up financial reserves.   
I'll chart this progress, too.  Hopefully, my three readers will appreciate this work and use the opportunity to find more peace and harmony in their lives.

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