Had a monster workout yesterday.  Six month benchmark WOD.  Backsquats, Strict Press and Deadlift.


Warm up
400m run

1 rep max of
Backsquat 265#
Strict Press 126#
Deadlift 305#

I showed improvement over the past month in each lift.  After a hiatus of over one year, I managed to match and exceed each lift.  I didn't think it was possible.  I was going for as much weight as possible, but never thought I could go so high.

The deadlift was the most impressive.  Last year, working with a friend, I maxed the deadlift at 315#.  I didn't catch how much weight was on the bar until the instructor called time.  He double checked the weight and told me the good news.  Due to time, he wouldn't let me try for a PR.  I could've nailed it.

This is the kind of results I like to see.  Just never thought to see them so fast.

Slept in today.  Don't know what came over me.  Just one of those things.  Got my wife and daughter out the door.  Sat down to watch the morning news.  Next thing I know, it is 10am.  Oh well.

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