Not to worry...

Still working out.  Yesterday was a Kung Pao crapper day.  Last time I eat KPC from that chinese restaurant.  Day before was heavy on the legs.  Wall balls, air squats, back squats and abs.  Back is much better.  Now, just need to pick up the pace and work on my goals.  


Warm up:
Run 400m
Partner up - Medicine ball sit ups x 20
Run 800m
Med ball sit ups (10' apart) x 20

Skill Training:
1 min sit ups
10 sec. rest
50 sec. sit ups
20 sec. rest
40 sec. sit ups
30 sec. rest
30 sec. sit ups
40 sec. rest
20 sec. sit ups
50 sec. rest
10 sec. sit ups

WOD "Humble Pie"
5 rounds for time
100m run with 25# weight
20 overhead lunges w/ weight
20 Russian twists w/ weight
20 clapping push ups

Yeah, it was a humbling WOD today.  I promised myself I'd do five rounds, and I did.  Hit muscle failure on the pushups by round 4.  Ended up going down to my chest, raising my hands about two inches off the ground, and slamming myself back up.  Took some doing.

Tomorrow's goal is to complete the WOD and get as close to prescribed (RX'd) as possible.

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