Bad Shooter...

No cookie for you!

Placed 13th out of twenty in this month's 3-gun at Impact Zone.  Blew the round count on the first stage.  I knew something was up when I went, "Oh Shit! I'm on my third .308 mag already?!?!"

That was the first stage, people!  .308 rounds only need one to neutralize the threat on a 3-gun match.  I was double tapping like I was running my .223.


Carbine only match this weekend out there.  Have to tweak the el cheapo scopo on the AR to make sure I can actually hit paper.  Need to trade some surplus .308 in order to play, too.


I have actually lost some weight in the last two weeks.  Not as much as AD, mind you, but I am on a good start and hoping to increase my lead against the bulge.  It finally clicked with me when I realized I was still bigger than my six months preggers wife.  Pretty damn sad if you ask me.

I started at 285.  The highest I have ever weighed.  I just cannot imagine myself getting over the 300 mark.  Pants and shorts don't fit right still, and t-shirts tend to ride up and expose my gaping belly button.  I really want to get back on my bike, but without proper shoes, I am sidelined.  I get on a regular bike riding schedule, I will drop some more poundage.  I want to remember what it feels like to actually button my suit jacket at work and not worry about shooting someone's eye out.  It would be nice, too, if my family would STFU about my 'biscuit'.

Every time I hear them poke fun at me, or mention my weight, I understand what others far more overweight than I am go through.  Everything they say is a huge blow to my self-esteem.  And they don't let up.

I'll let you know when I get back down under 270.  When I get there, I promised myself a treat of Ben & Jerry's.  A small goal with a nice reward.  I figured it won't hurt too much to indulge at certain milestones.  I wonder what kind of treat I can promise myself when I reach 260?  Kimber SIS?  S&W 625?  AK 47?  Hmmm...gonna have to wait and see.


the pistolero said...

Kimber SIS?
I love my Kimbers and am not at all adverse to buying another, but in my experience the Springfield and Dan Wesson 1911s are just as good for less money.

EE said...